Meet the people behind this project.




Joseph Osborne


Mark Growden 

Bay Boogie is a project that has been stewing unknowingly in the minds of musicians all over the area. Through the pandemic and its isolation, we have become all-the-more aware of the importance of the benefits of music and music communities. 

Music connects us to ourselves and to one another. Too many of us have been isolated in ways we never knew possible through this past year. Music is a way for us to stay connected to the emotions and breath. The discipline and practice of playing and rehearsing music is something that translates into areas far beyond the sheet music and scales.


We are starved for connection with other people. Music serves a two-fold path of socializing and connecting not just with our words but in our beat, dance, and everything we bring to our songs. Spacing out in the most beautiful parks in the lovely Bay Mediterranean weather will give us a platform to begin rebuilding our social selves and encouraging musicians of all ages to  connect with the healing power of music and music communities.